Palliative Psychedelic Care

Easing anxiety
Comfortable with mortality

We are a therapeutic organisation, operated by experienced warmhearted compassionate professional psychedelic therapists. We are working to bring enduring peace in the hearts of our clients. Psychologically guided psychedelic experiences are safe and have profound and enduring effects on how you experience life, yourself and the world around you.
Gain more inner peace by a perspective shift.
Change how you experience reality.

What is a psychedelic experience like?

During a psychedelic assisted experience, you explore your own consciousness. You own mind, your convictions, assumptions, memories and hopes. Possible experiences are:

Accessing the unconscious
Memorising meaningful life events
Emotional processing and release
Heightened creativity
Acceptance, deeper self-understanding & self-insight
Body-centered experiences & movement
Visionary insights
Synesthesia (visualising music)
Euphoria, love and bliss
Mystical-religious states of consciousness
Facing truths about self and life
Compassion for self and others
Transcending belief systems & patterns
Clarity on values, dreams & life purpose
Entering deep meditative states
Confrontation with self or hidden emotions
Transform pain and negative patterns
Discovering unmet needs & uncovering unconscious patterns
Feeling safe in the face of fear
The gifts of standing in your power or vulnerability
The sacred state of surrender
Making peace with your grief and pain
Healing the split between mind, heart and spirit
Overcoming limiting thought patterns
Identifying your inner saboteur
Shift difficult patterns and hard-to-break habits
Dismantle the system of self-sabotage

Psychedelic palliative and end-of-life care in the news

Psilocybin May Reduce Suicidal Thoughts in Terminally Ill Patients, Suggests New Study

BY JASMINE VIRDIJUNE 1, 2021 Suicide is among of the leading causes of death within the US, and cancer patients are considered to be at greater risk of suicide than the general population due to factors like psychiatric and existential distress. However, a recent study conducted by researchers at NYU Langone Health Center for Psychedelic Medicine found psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy to be potentially effectiveContinue reading “Psilocybin May Reduce Suicidal Thoughts in Terminally Ill Patients, Suggests New Study”

Canada’s First End of Life Psilocybin Treatment Brought Peace to Terminal Man

Tony White may have lost his battle with cancer, but becoming the first end of life recipient of psilocybin treatment has changed everything. byJennifer Walker-JourneyonMarch 10, 2021 When Tony White learned last spring that his bladder cancer was terminal, he completely withdrew from life.  “I was in a dark place, I’d been diagnosed with StageContinue reading “Canada’s First End of Life Psilocybin Treatment Brought Peace to Terminal Man”

Psychedelics Show Promise for Treating Dementia

“…this stands up to scientific rigor and is worthy of further exploration.” JANUARY 26, 2021 – BY NATE SELTENRICH Among the many medical and therapeutic applications of psychedelics being explored in labs and boardrooms today, Alzheimer’s disease has maintained a relatively low profile. But that may be changing, thanks in part to a review article published last summerContinue reading “Psychedelics Show Promise for Treating Dementia”


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About Us

Our Beliefs

“Our team mission is to enhance inner peace. To open a secret door and to awaken. Psychologically guided psychedelic experiences can transform people’s self image, their world and how they see reality, life and death. These effects are dramatically profound and can bring deep healing insights.”

From personal experience, each facilitator knows the benefits that psilocybin can bring. Each facilitator demonstrates empathy, openness, and compassion.

We work with a trans-disciplinary team of highly skilled, caring, and experienced facilitators. This is a specialised service of Psychedelic Insight, whose facilitators come from varying scientific, psychological, psycho-therapeutic, and cultural backgrounds and, together, we form a stable, passionate, and warmhearted team, to provide each client with the best opportunity to benefit from the potential of magic psilocybin truffles in a safe and warm environment.

The process

Introduction & meet up

We will schedule an introduction meeting, before the session. To meet the facilitators, get all the answers you may have about the experience and get acquainted. To bond and ease any reservations. We explain everything that you can expect on the session day.

Whatever your needs, the facilitator will be able to advise you on whether you are truly ready for this experience. We aim to ensure a safe and secure setting for all our clients – everything centers around you.

More background in Forbes magazine.

The sessions day

The session day will be explained. We will start when you feel ready, okay and we both agree on the dose and go over your intention.
Then we start with the taking the sacred medicine: the fresh psilocybin truffles. You’ll be as comfortable as you can be and it start with listening to a guided meditation. You’ll gradually phase into the experience. Feeling open, feeling very good, even giggles are normal with the onset.

Special psychedelic playlist music follows the meditation and you’ll glide into the experience, guided and if need be, reassured by the facilitators, keeping you safe.


What People Say

Thanks to you I have glimpsed something I didn’t know of before and which changes everything.
I’m clinging to the warmth and quiet joy of it and intend to continue the ‘work’ as I learn more about this extraordinary mystery.

I feel extremely happy for the opportunity to experience something so profound that it made me question the nature of reality and our place in it. I believe it’s human nature to be drawn to the unanswerable questions of our origins and the meaning behind it all. I feel an incredible amount of relief to experience a just tiny piece of it. One of my favorite insights I came back with was the knowledge that the true nature of the universe is infinitely more beautiful than what we can perceive with our default neural filter. It’s almost like psilocybin polishes that “window of consciousness” as you put it, making things look clear.

Palliative Psychedelics is proudly supported by Reconscious Medical. The Reconscious Medical Group leverages decades of clinical experience providing therapeutic, medical and psychiatric consulting services that use plant-based therapies as a tool in the treatment of addictions and psychiatric disorders for children and adults.